Big Sean Says “Black Women Are The Closest Thing To God”

Big Sean is currently getting roasted on Twitter, following his recent comments about black women.

The 33-year-old  rapper had a sit with ESSENCE to discuss the BET comedy/drama series he stars in, called Twenties, ahead of its season 2 finale, and during the interview, discussed how he’s got a lot in common with his on-screen character, Tristan.

I can relate to the essence of him because there are times where I’m not on social media. There are times when I am on social media. There are times where I put my phone down and leave it somewhere so I can relate to wanting to disconnect from the grid and go offline.

Tristan is a photographer, so Sean, as a performer, can relate to his role’s natural creative side. I don’t agree with everything he does or how he acts or how he says [things] but I can see where he’s coming from, he explained to the outlet.

Big Sean, further in the interview opened up on his past relationships saying that he has ghosted and has been ghosted in the past. He also revealed what it feels like to work in an environment led by women on the set of Twenties, saying, women are magical. Black women are the closest thing to God.

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