Travis Scott, Drake, Others Sued For #435 Billion By 125 Astroworld Victims

How does one go from being one of the most sought-after rap artists one day to being faced with legal battles and discrimination the very next?

21-year-old Axel Acosta was one of 10 concertgoers who died from injuries sustained during Scott’s performance when the crowd surged toward the stage. In a statement to PEOPLE on Tuesday, a member of attorney Tony Buzbee’s legal team said Acosta’s death was needless and was the result of gross negligence.

In the complaint obtained by PEOPLE, Buzbee alleges that Acosta went into cardiac arrest from being crushed in the crowd.

When Axel collapsed, he was trampled by those fighting to prevent themselves from being crushed. As he lay there under a mass of humanity, dying, the music played and streamed on—for almost forty minutes.

The complaint continues: Axel Acosta loved and adored Travis Scott and the other performers at Astroworld—the feeling was not mutual; certainly, neither Travis Scott nor his exclusive partners, streaming service, record labels, handlers, entourage, managers, agents, hangers-on, promoters, organizers, or sponsors cared enough about Axel Acosta and the other concertgoers to make an even minimal effort to keep them safe.

In total, 10 people have died as a result of the crowd surge at Scott’s envied Astroworld Festival, and it has been reported that at least 100 others were injured.

Almost immediately, there was news of lawsuits being filed against Travis, Drake, Apple, and Live Nation, and today, 16th of November, TMZ claimed that the number of victims looking to take someone to court has increased.

A $750 million lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by a Houston lawyer on behalf of 125 Astroworld Festival victims, including the family of one man who died.


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