FIFA Set to Reveal Plans on Hosting the World Cup Bi-Annually

The body governing football in the world, FIFA, will give more details on Thursday, September 9th, 2021 as it concerns the hosting of the Men's World Cup every two years. FIFA had announced on its website that it will meet with coaches and former footballers from around the world.

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup


FIFA's global head of football development, Arsene Wenger in Qatar, will chair the meeting for the next two days as he will discuss his plans for football.

According to Sky Sports reports, the former Arsenal manager wants to change the dynamic of the game to a more flexible way than we know it around the world. He is aiming to re-arrange the international calendar so there can be major tournaments every summer and fewer qualifying games every year.

166 of the 211 FIFA member nations voted to experiment with the proposals when it was first put forward in March 2021 by the Saudi Arabia Football Federation. It is expected that all the member nations will vote in favor of the proposal before the year runs out. If it is agreed, then we might have the World Cup every two years from the Summer of 2028.

Although it is expected that players, coaches, and clubs from UEFA will oppose the proposal and that might be a major blow to the whole idea of having the World club bi-annually.

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