Rational Acoustics – Smaart + PORTABLE [Win x86]

Year / Date of Issue : 03.2018
Version :
Developer : Rational Acoustics
Developer’s site : Rational Acoustics
Bit depth : 32bit
Language : English
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Operating System: Windows 7 or newer (32 & 64 bit)
CPU: 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel i5 Processor or faster
RAM: 2 GB or greater
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or better, or 256 MB dedicated video RAM
Display: Min. 1024 × 600 pixel display
Sound: Audio Hardware with OS compatible ASIO, Wav / WDM drivers.

Description : To date, measuring and analytical software Rational Acoustic Smaart v8 is the most powerful, flexible and adaptive software that provides measurement, optimization and control of the sound system in real time. The new version of Smaart v8 software provides the ability to escape from a fixed GUI-interface with one working window, allowing to work with several windows (each of which contains its own set of tabs) simultaneously, which helps to improve control when working with the software environment, and significantly expand the functionality with Using the remote control of the application programming interface Smaart-to-Smaart API, which allows you to connect and display information simultaneously on multiple computers and monitors.
The process of setting up the measurements was significantly improved, which helps to provide a simpler, more intuitive workflow – added the functions of creating automatic measurements and simplified control settings, which allows you to optimize the work in real time.
The new software process automatically creates spectrum measurements (Spectrum) using the Device Selection / Settings commands
Device settings and measurements are controlled from a single window
The IO Config function allows you to measure the input level even before you start the measurement process
Creating a measurement of the transfer function (Transfer Function) now automatically creates additional spectrum tabs (Spectrum)
Measurements in real time via the main interface.

New in version:
• 10EaZy SPL monitoring system integration
o Connect any number of 10EaZy systems to a computer running Smaart for a calibrated classcompliant
SPL measurement system
o Cross-platform hardware support through Smaart
o 10EaZy Maximum Average Manager (MAM) with limit warnings
o Recalibration support
• SPL calculation centralization – logging or metering an input triggers the calculation of 13 SPL metrics
• Comprehensive SPL log file – all SPL metrics in one file for every logged input
• SPL History Window – view SPL plotted over time in a standalone window
• Separated Input Meters from SPL Meters
• SPL Alarms and SPL readout colors triggered by user-defined thresholds
• Leq buffer progress bar
• Input calibration date is now stored in the config file and used in SPL log files
• Added “Peak C” SPL metric
• Added Polarity Invert function, accessed via Input Meters
• Added horizontal orientation option to Input Meters
• Removed aspect ratio lock from Input Meters
• Added option to use Comma as decimal mark in log files (General Options)
• Added right-click menu to SPL meters
• Added “under range” indication to status button in SPL meters
• Various UI changes to comply with IEC 61672
• Added handling for spotty network connections while using the Client Window
• Added “Export to ASCII” option to Data Library right-click menu. Saves directly to ASCII text file
• Added support for multi-select -> Copy to ASCII in the Data Library
• Added more granular axis labels when zooming into Live IR
• Fixed crash that could occur if the Data Library was opened
• Fixed bug where application focus was occasionally lost
• Fixed bug where captured trace color pool reset after program restart, resulting in repeat colors
• Fixed bug where Mage Config was not stored when saving through Manage Configurations dialog
• Fixed bug where Weighted Curve dialog table did not update after Import / Delete
• Fixed bug where measurements would stop on server when Client Window connected
• Fixed crash that occurred randomly while the measurements were not running
• Fixed deadlock related to changing plot types
• Fixed scaling bug in Spectrum plots
• Fixed bug where capturing a trace from a weighted measurement and hiding it would clear the weighting.


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