Mavin Records Spotlights Music Talents on World Music Day

Who doesn't love music? In a world where we are oftentimes divided along the most trifle of lines, music has continued to be a common denominator. The thrilling art of sound in all its forms; with all its varied themes, inspirations and origins has defiled our polarity to remain a universally shared treasure. Perhaps now more than ever, music is a socio-cultural bridge that continues to ensure that we hear one another. That while stories, cultures, and nature might divide us, we continue to meet ourselves halfway as we ride shared frequencies of sound.

Mavin World Music Day

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Annually, the 21st of June has been marked as World Music Day globally. While for many of us, music is a daily ubiquity and our most obliging companion, World Music Day gives us a chance to reappraise this beautiful art form and remain reverent of its process. It is important to remember what it takes to create the songs that have become an indispensable feature of our daily lives. World Music Day, also referred to as Make Music Day originated in France as Fete de la Musique. On this day, it is tradition to encourage amateur musicians to sing. Small concerts and singing sessions are organised in every neighbourhood across the globe and music is brought to everyone and made by everyone.

Mavin Records in the true spirit of World Music Day will spotlight five young and talented singers across the continent on the 21st of June. Leveraging on their millions of followership on social media, Mavin Records will use the platform to highlight the efforts and gift of young Africans making music. This further emphasises the importance of social media in Nigeria and how it has contributed to the discovery of some of the country's brightest stars.

On World Music Day, Mavin Records is celebrating effort, talent, and the connection music helps us to establish. The label seeks to highlight music as the intersection between us, our cultures, and those of other people across the globe. In the face of divisive opinions and contrasting ideologies, we can always find camaraderie in our mutual love for the beautiful art of sound.


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