Tayeh releases her new soulful single, PADI

Nigeria's newest raving Indie artist, Tayeh has released her new soulful single, PADI - which shares meaning with the word "BUDDY".

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"Out of a million people baby, you look like the one" - Tayeh sings on her new track Padi. I believe every one of us will agree that finding a lover who you can call buddy is always a good thing.

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Adeoye Taiwo Iretiolu (Tayeh) is a fusionist, a singer, songwriter, and believe it or not a mathematician who graduated from the University of Ilorin.

Tayeh is always thinking ahead of the game. A bit of a puzzle reconciling the unusual amount of humility in her encounters with the bravado of this young lady who led over 1000 attendees at Rocktoberfest 2018 into a contagious energetic rock music frenzy as she led the band into her performance of Fix You by Cold Play. Everyone who attended remembers her performance vividly like it was yesterday.

Every challenge comes to Tayeh in equations and elevating the spirits at a concert is just another algebraic equation.

Tayeh started mouthing off songs with dexterity very early in elementary school and she quickly earned the attention and the trust of other performers who shared their stages with her like Gaise baba, REPJ360, Godywn and Isaac Geralds.


Tayeh explains: "my fusion comes from my background. My parents are of Yoruba and Idoma tribes. You combine that with my experiments with three of my favorite genres - Afrobeats, EDM, and Pop. The result is Tayeh’s sound of Afropop. My songs appropriate several elements of African beats, lyrics, and language in the delivery of World-class songs"

Tayeh as her name suggests has had a taste and coming back with more. An EP is already in the works.
And yes, love up on your "PADI" on Valentine's Day today - I believe every one of us will agree that finding a lover who you can call buddy is always a good thing.

Instagram: @tayehmusic

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